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Spa & Pool Cover Fabrics

Green Fabric guarantees that our safety pool fabrics will meet your demanding pool cover needs and perform to your complete satisfaction.  The safety pool fabrics are available in a two- color (front and back) version as well as solid colors.  We can also perfectly match any color you desire, as a special order.
GF-SPA10, vinyl coated polyester safety pool cover fabric is a tough lightweight coated fabric.  Weighing 10 ounce per square yard, no fabric matches the lightweight, high strength characteristics of this cover material. It has added UV protection and chemical resistance. It is a long lasting lightweight safety pool cover fabric with anti-bacterial and mildew resistance.   Standard colors are dark green and royal blue.  Standard widths are 49”, 55”, 61”, and 73”.
GF-1212PC is a laminated 12 oz safety cover that is manufactured with a 1,000 denier polyester reinforcing scrim. This is to ensure against tears, while placing and removing these covers. It offers a low abrasion, matte embossed finish, and this can also be manufactured in a polish embossing, if your business demands a gloss finish.  Most importantly, UV inhibitors protect your investment and mildew inhibitors protect against mold and mildew growth on the fabrics surface. It is a long lasting protection for your safety pool cover.  Standard fabric is two colored, green face and royal blue back.  Solid colors are available upon request.   Standards widths are 49”, 55”, 61” and 73”.


Items GF-SPA10
Metric Lbs
Metric Lbs
Weight 340 gsm 10 oz/sq.yd
410 gsm 12 oz/sq.yd
Tensile strength FS 5102(strip) 45X45kg/5cm 62X62 lbs/inch
224X224kg/5cm 252X252 lbs/inch
Tearing strength FS 5134(tongue) 10X10 kg 22X22 lbs
25X25 kg 55X55 lbs
Adhesion FS-5970 6 kg/5cm 7 lbs/inch
9 kg/5cm 10 lbs/inch
Cold crack -30 -22
-30 -22
Width 220 cm 87 inch
155,183,200 cm 61,72,79 inch
Roll Length 100 MTS(YDS)
100 MTS(YDS)

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Contacts with us

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 Fax. 0086 573 8700 9272
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